Job Description:

1.      To be responsible for Sales and Sales growth of the company;

2.      To formulate SOPs of sales department in consultation with GM AYF and CEO;

3.      To chalk out sales strategies in consultation with GM AYF and CEO;

4.      To submit daily sales report to GM AYF, covering open market sales and sales to Cakes and Bakes network;

5.      To submit monthly sales reports to GM AYF and CEO;

6.      To update CEO and GM AYF about weekly sales progress;

7.      To assign duties to sales staff as per their JDs; and ensure compliance of JDs;

8.      To develop new markets for open market sales i.e. increasing market share of the company;

9.      To develop customer feedback system to listen to the voice of customers;

10.   To constantly monitor customer feedback and take corrective actions, if so required;

11.   To attend official meetings as and when required by GM AYF and/or CEO/MD;

12.   To monitor and control sales staff, ensuring compliance to company policies;

13.   To write performance reports/appraisals of sales staff on annual basis in coordination with HR;

14.   To do any other duty assigned by GM AYF and/or CEO and/or MD.